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What do we understand by Content Writing?

Make audience engaging content for your website.

In this Digital Era, Digital Marketing has proved to be a huge blessing for businesses as it is giving them a digital platform to represent their brand globally. To make your target audience reach the website,having the best contents is very important. The contents on your page attracts the attention of the users, hence it is vital to have attractive and audience engaging content. The content on your website should be free of plagiarism and must be unique.

Content writing is a process of mapping the ideas to your business. Showcase your business knowledge and rise above the repetitive contents by using GreatInflux’s content writing services. We at GreatInflux believe in expressing your website with SEO friendly contents. The contents created will strictly follow the SEO Guidelines. We work on the content for your brand and products taking the keywords and descriptions very seriously. The product contents are described and well written keeping in mind the important keywords of the products that can be ranked on the search engines. These ranked keywords when seen by the audiences drive the traffic to your website. The right content helps you gain the right audiences at the right time.


SEO Content Writing is the first and the foremost step of SEO Content Marketing. In SEO content writing the main motive is to create and optimize dynamic web content to present your brand image. This also helps in maintaining a smooth website experience for your users. The GreatInflux SEO Experts create the contents keeping the SEO guidelines in mind. Our team believes in collaborative tasks hence the content writers and marketing members work tiger on the error free and unique SEO contents.

SEO Content Marketing is a technique that drives traffic to your website and helps in increasing the sale of the products after the content is ready and optimized. The main focused techniques in SEO are the niche keywords, on-page factors and the technical SEO. The keywords are selected based on their readability, relevance and authority. The SEO techniques are done by a strategic approach curated by the GreatInflux team especially designed to drive profitable customer engagement.

SEO focused Content and SEO Marketing is no doubt the best technique to drive traffic to your website. The contents created are very well focused with the best keywords selected by the experts. These keywords are passed after checking several features like their readability etc. Through expert keyword research and SEO refinement, your business will earn the visibility it deserves. Only prioritizing the web contents would not lead to effective results because then your content won’t be ranked on the relevant search engines (SERPs) and get the deserved attention. Likewise, if you provide irrelevant content to your users on the website then it could off track your sales and marketing targets. Hence it is very important that your website content is apt, to the point and has high readability. To achieve Digital Success one must involve and invest in high quality content which will lead to increase in the traffic and sales.

GreatInflux has been providing the best, high quality content services that will involve the keyword research, SEO friendly content, strategized content and implementation of content marketing. Our team provides user friendly content that is highly readable which helps the brands communicate with the consumers effectively.

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In this Digital Marketing era, there are a lot of strategies that must be understood by the Small Business Owners. SEO Content Vs SEO Content Marketing is one of those strategies that can be misleading. This must be kept in mind that they both are two different strategies and cannot be replaced by one another. When creating a long term strategy we suggest doing both. Good content marketing results in lowering of the bounce rates. SEO deals with optimizing the content and optimizing the more technical aspect of your website like page loading speed, keyword research and integrating with third party applications. Having only web content is never beneficial as they will not play an important role in increasing the website traffic nor will be attractive to your visitors.

Both SEO and content marketing require a strong foundation of knowledge and abilities. The objectives of the two disciplines shouldn't be compromised. You may accomplish your marketing objectives by combining SEO and content marketing.Search Engines look at the broader context when it comes to rankings. Content Marketing reflects back on SEO Success because it contributes to 3 vital components i.e. Backlinks, Authority and Popularity. The Content Marketing strategy does not aim at guiding the search engine crawlers but focuses at attracting the prospects by providing the stream of valuable and focused information.

Importance of Content Writing Services.

Convert Your Online Visitors Into Customers

Your website is the face and soul of your business. It represents your business and determines the success of your digital marketing efforts. It has been observed that about 77% of online users read the contents which prioritizes the SEO here. Users should have access to content that benefits them and advances their understanding, insight, or views of a subject, idea, object, or service.

Brand Awareness

Your website represents your brand and your content represents your products. By investing in good quality content you can highly represent what your brand is about which will help users understand you and your products. There is a stiff competition in the online realm when it comes to small businesses, a good SEO content proves to be a long term success for you and your business.

Enhance your Reach

SEO optimized content and website will help your target audiences find your business at the right time. The content writing will help in expanding your online reach and publish fresh SEO optimized content created by performing vast analysis on the keywords. A good content marketing strategy will help connect your brand with high-converting prospects and will also help you retain your old ones.

Earn Long-Term Revenue

It is reported that consumers feel confident in the business by their trustworthy website contents. If the businesses are successful in identifying and addressing the informational needs of their customers then they develop a loyal following which contributes to the brand’s long term sustainability and performance. The small businesses should focus on developing a creative and reliable content strategy which will acquire more revenue.

Gain Higher Leads and Conversion Rates

6 out of 10 marketers believe that SEO Optimized content generates better quality leads. GreatInflux team uses different content marketing strategies like email, mobile marketing etc that has huge potential of generating your leads into prospects. The optimized online content fuels your lead generation processes and increases the conversion rate as well. Investing in SEO is a long term investment for your small businesses.

Augment the Product Sales

Your online content enhances your brand image and acts as a communication across all the digital platforms. By capitalizing on the content writing services you can communicate USPs i.e. Unique Selling Point of your business. With good content and product descriptions along with content marketing strategy you can enhance your product sales by conveying the right keywords to the right audiences.

Get Better SEO Results

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The GreatInflux team strives to provide you what you deserve. Our team knows that search engines look for high-quality and unique contents that fit well with the keywords and provide vital information to the online users. Optimizing the website with SEO guidelines will help you rank higher on the search engines thereby increasing your visibility and exposure.

9 Steps To Successful Content Marketing Strategy

The GreatInflux team believes in strategic approach and creativity. Our complete team works together to brainstorm the best strategy that will help in unleashing the full potential of your small business and achieve your goals. Engage with our best digital marketing team to get the best results and services that will take you closer to your goals.

GreatInflux Services for Popular Content Types

Adopt an online technique that sets up a direct communication with your clients

With content marketing, you can directly target your target audience to increase business and brand awareness and attract more customers. Various types of content, from white papers to social media content, fall into the term "content marketing". Understanding the benefits offered by different content formats will help you choose the right media for your business or brand. Next, create a long-term content marketing strategy that takes into account your individual goals: what you want your content to achieve.

A successful content strategy must include a combination of written content and visual content such as images and infographics. This article introduces the most popular types of promotional content used by both large brands and small businesses.

Blog Posts

A blog is an original content marketing technique, and can be used to promote the websites and small online businesses. One of the biggest benefits of quality blogs is that you can improve your website's search engine rankings through targeted keywords. Blogs with solid advice draws the attention of consumers and can drive traffic to your website and help consumers make decisions about purchasing your product or using your service.


Videos that describe a product or service can significantly improve CTR and conversion rates, and are far more effective than simply promoting your product on another YouTube video. After all, no one likes the ads they have to see. Creating a video is difficult, but it gives the best results. Video content is another way to reach more viewers. Video content can consist of tutorials, product guides, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and more.

Ad Copy

Our SEO content services team can assist you whether you're launching new goods or services onto the market, broadening your target audience, or promoting business events. We create catchy ad headlines, keep your descriptive language succinct and straightforward and incorporate effective CTAs to engage your audience wherever they are online. In order to discover which ad material resonates with your prospects the most, our content company also conducts A/B tests.


The span of viewer attention is getting shorter day by day. Therefore, the job of all authors is to provide information without losing the attention of the reader. People still want meaningful snack content. Listicle has become one of the most popular types of blog content. Most social media and content platforms use this format to create content. It gives a clear overview of the topic and quickly shows how much of the remaining articles are left.


Ebooks are often used to show expertise and provide thinking leadership. However, the length of ebooks allows brands and businesses to explain more about customer-related topics. You can also use ebooks to attract prospects and drive conversions. Ebooks on popular topics can generate a great deal of interest in your company's products and services. Therefore, you need to invest in this type of content.

Social Media Content

Social media is an inexpensive digital marketing tool with a variety of platforms to choose from, from the formal and professional LinkedIn platform to the more fun and casual Instagram apps. Social media is not only cheap, but also attractive, versatile and up-to-date. Brands and businesses use trends to build a foothold or create their own campaigns. Social media can also be used to promote other types of content marketing, including Blogs and infographics.


Reviews are one of the most popular types of content. According to a survey, 84% of millennials trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family. Writing a review of what's trending can be beneficial to your blog. They drive a lot of organic traffic. In addition, if you use the name of what you rate in the title, it will appear more prominent in Google search.

Case Studies

Use case studies to show how your company is already using its expertise to assist other companies. The case study provides a detailed study of the scenario and extracts important learning points that can be applied to other similar scenarios. Brands and businesses often use customer case studies to show success stories.

Guest post

Invite guest bloggers to post on your blog to reach new audiences. According to experts, it's best to create a guest blog once a month. If you believe the numbers, 60% of bloggers invite 1-5 guest bloggers every month. This type of content helps to rock things when you're taking a short break. You can give back by becoming a guest on their blog in return.


Infographics display information and statistics with easy-to-understand visual content. The big advantage of infographics is that they can be shared. They are a visual way to express your ideas that are a bit difficult to describe using the blog posts. They usually prioritize bullets and numbers over long content that is more often seen in blog posts. Infographics are a great way to show your clients complex ideas without resorting to many words.

Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions Provide detailed information about your company's specific products. They can consist of videos, images, written text, or a combination of all three. You can provide a basic introduction to your product or highlight new features. The result is a detailed information tool. Publishing the Product Descriptions is a great way to attract consumers to your product and ensure that you are aware of all the features it offers.


Launching newsletter campaigns? Let our content marketing company increase your business’s credibility and authority with well-written newsletters that drive stronger engagement. We create multiple versions of your email content and run A/B tests to determine which newsletter version will drive more clicks and conversions. More importantly, our web content writer creates solid CTAs and informative content to generate repeat traffic and sales.

Why Choose Greatinflux for SEO Content Marketing Services

Overcome industry challenges and improve your performance stats

GreatInflux is a Digital Marketing Agency which is one of the best marketing agencies with top notch services. We at GreatInflux provide the content marketing solutions that help small businesses convey their brand message with absolute clarity and confidence.

Check out below to learn what you can expect from our website content writing services.

High Influx

Studies show that posting fresh, new website content two to four times a week will give you the best results in terms of traffic and conversions. Sign up for an SEO writing service to save time creating web pages and blog content at an efficient pace. We determine your desired schedule and set your expectations during our initial consultation to ensure we are aligned with your content strategy and deadlines. Expect us to go even higher to create quality SEO content by target date.

Professional SEO Content Writers

At GreatInflux, We confidently provide our clients with SEO content services that meet the required standards for high quality professional websites. We are a professional and elegant content marketing service provider and we take the time to work closely with you to best convey your site's purpose. Our content creation SEO team values the content creation process and its practical application to websites. And our high-quality content reflects this commitment and our desire to stand out.

100% Unique, High-Quality Content

Of course, content marketing is a very important part of your online strategy. As a result, GreatInflux ensures that you get optimized content for search engines and website visitors. Thorough research, in-depth editing and proofreading before submitting the final output to the team to ensure your SEO content is 100% unique and reflects your brand. Our content specialists use the latest plagiarism checking tools to verify the authenticity of web content.

Diverse Market Expertise

Each job requires a different level of technical expertise and approach to content creation. To ensure your content creation strategy attracts the right audience and meets their needs, we hire dedicated content professionals with the industry knowledge you need. Our content creation team has years of experience developing website content for a variety of platforms and industries, including e-learning, computer repair, recovery and delivery.

Intellectual Rights

We understand that brands have different views, different marketing preferences and different financial levers. You are therefore not bound by a long-term contract. Rest assured that all intellectual property rights are transferred automatically once you pay for your SEO content. Our content companies also offer SEO writing services where you can get branded content marketing solutions that you can offer to your clients.

Niche Market Analysis

Research and analytics are two of the most important elements in creating effective SEO content. Our content authors conduct market analysis to identify trends, identify gaps in content marketing strategies and adapt them accordingly. We look at your website's brand, service, purpose, and audience to design content that tells your story efficiently and dynamically. Additionally, our content services team evaluates competitors, analyzes their pain points, and adapts content to leverage our results.

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