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12-Point Website Content Checklist

by Madeline Thatcher

Your small business website is very valuable for connecting with new customers. A great webpage tells people that you’re an expert and that they can trust your company. How can you make sure visitors love your company’s site? Here are 12 important website features that make a huge difference.

1. Smart Organization

People like things that are simple. Pages with too many ideas are confusing, and visitors may not understand where to go. How can you keep your website simple but powerful? The key is to organize content clearly. A finished site should look like a family tree, with a few main tabs and neat pages underneath each one.

First, put everything you want to say about your business in groups. Create one page for each of your company’s products or services. For example, a construction company would make one page for “Painting” and a different one for “Cabinet Installation.”

Now organize these pages. Under the main tab “Services,” put a page for each type of company service. You can also use sub-pages. For example, under the main category of “Flooring,” it makes sense to have pages for “Carpet,” “Wood Floors,” and “Tile.” Do the same thing for your main products.

2. Mobile-Friendly Layout

Many customers visit your website with a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Check your site with a smartphone to make sure it looks great. Thinking of mobile phones is really important if you sell products on your site.

3. Accurate Contact Information

The main purpose of a website is to help people contact you. That’s why your company’s About page is one of the most important website features to include. The main way to make contact information easy to find is to make a page called “Contact Us.” Add all the info people need to find you:

  • Phone number
  • Street address
  • Email address
  • Social media links
  • Map directions with Google Maps

Once this page is ready, put links to it in different parts of your website. Each page should tell people to call you and have a link to your contact info.

4. Exciting About Page

About pages tell customers what makes your company special. Your About page doesn’t have to be long, but it should be exciting. Describe who you are, talk about your years of experience, and mention your services. Include words such as “experienced,” “professional,” “high-quality,” and “friendly.” If you want to take about each team member, create a different sub-page called “Meet Our Team.”

5. Links at the Bottom of the Page

It’s easier for people to move around your website if you have small links at the bottom of the page. These are the same as your tabs at the top of the page. They make sure visitors don’t get lost. At the very least, you need links to your home page, contact page, and social media accounts.

6. Company Logo and Colors

Logos are important for businesses. They help people remember you, and they make your products unique. When building a website, put your logo and colors on every page. That way, when visitors read your blog posts, they know who to call for an appointment.

7. Attractive Images

Pictures are very effective at communicating ideas. The perfect photo convinces people that you have amazing products and friendly workers. Restaurants use images on their websites so visitors can see how delicious their food is. Travel companies use photos to get people excited about vacations.

Every webpage should have a picture that shows how customers benefit if they choose you. Your goal is to help people see how happy your products make them. Photos of beautiful houses can make families fall in love and call your construction company.

8. Social Media Links

Lots of people use social media every day. You can use it to share promotions or cool quotes with your customers. Popular sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Put icons on the top or bottom of your site that go to your social media accounts.

9. Reviews and Testimonials

New customers usually trust reviews a lot when deciding to buy a product. When customers talk about how amazing you are, people want to contact you. Put the best reviews on a page called “Testimonials,” or share them on the home page.

10. High-Quality Writing

Great writing makes people like your company right away. Correct spelling and grammar are very important because they tell visitors that you’re an expert. The content on your website should be simple, strong, and friendly. Notice the difference between these two sentences: “Our company does plumbing for homes and businesses” and “We are Nevada’s plumbing experts, and our friendly team can help you with any kind of plumbing problem.” The second option is much more exciting and powerful since it shows why the company is so amazing. This kind of writing convinces visitors to contact you.

11. Company Blog

A great blog helps attract more visitors to your website. When someone searches for “how to install antivirus programs,” a blog provides answers. Articles that explain how to do something make people want to visit your site. Blog posts that share helpful tips are popular, too. If you put links to your product pages in each blog post, you’ll have many new customers in no time.

12. Attractive Company Personality

What makes people love your company is its personality. Whether your business is elegant or exciting, show that personality on every page. If you sell skis or motorcycles, your writing can be energetic and fun. For a dental office, a professional and friendly tone of voice makes customers feel comfortable.

Adding amazing website features takes time in the beginning, but the results are worth it. A small business website attracts new visitors and helps customers contact you. Investing in incredible content also gives your company a big advantage over competitors.

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