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Doctor Website Design – 11 Must-Have Website Pages

by Tommy Le

Having a website for your doctor’s office is one of the most foundational tools to help customers find you. Your website should be the place where your customers go to learn more about your office, find information that assists them, and helps them make an appointment with your office.

There are specific pages that are best to include in every doctor’s website design. In this article, we will go over why your doctor’s office needs a website and 11 pages that are important to include. Let’s get started!

Why Does My Doctor’s Office Need a Website?

When your clinic creates a website, it helps to take the first step in establishing an online presence. Establishing an online presence is important for many reasons including:

  • Helps patients find your office easier.
  • Helps market and set your medical clinic apart from your competitors.
  • Builds stronger connections with search engines as well as current and potential patients.
  • Enhances opportunities for accessibility and functionality on your website.

These reasons and more are important reasons to start doctor website development.

Doctor Website Designs Should Include These 11 Pages

Private Policy

Having and updating your doctor’s office privacy policy is extremely important for a number of reasons. First, it’s important for your client’s to be informed about every detail. It’s a way for them to know that your clinic is keeping their information safe and confidential. Second, it helps establish your credibility as a professional healthcare provider. Having up-to-date and accurate information in your privacy policy helps your clinic appear more professional and transparent.

List of Services

Your medical clinic can offer most medical services, but sometimes it’s important to list the services your healthcare practice is best at. Highlighting the services your clinic is the most confident in providing, can be very beneficial to your credibility as well as building trust with your clients. 

Patients, most of the time, come to your website looking for a solution to their problems. That usually includes looking into your clinic’s specific services to see if you can address their problem. Your medical business shouldn’t feel like you need to include every little detail about your medical services. If you did, it wouldn’t give your patients a reason to come in and utilize your services. Be sure to provide the necessary facts and details

About Us

Your ‘About Us’ page is the best opportunity to share important information about your clinic to help be more relatable with them. You can share how long your medical clinic has been in business, how long it’s been serving in a specific area or community, your history, successes, etc. These details might seem trivial to display, but can actually be an important part of building a bond with current and potential clients. 

Contact Us

Whether it’s on your website, or updated in your business listings, it’s important to display your hours of operation and contact information for your patients to find. Your name, address, and phone number (NAP information) are the most basic pieces of information to include in your contact information. Creating these informative pages helps people clarify and understand when they’re able to come and utilize your services.

Clearly Listed Locations

Having your medical clinic posted and displayed on your website helps your clients for a number of reasons:

  • People search through Local Maps: Your medical clinic is considered a local business. For that reason alone, most people will search for “your location + your service” when looking for a specific medical service in their area (for example, Atlanta pediatricians). When they search with a location in mind, you want to make sure your healthcare company appears there.
  • Help improve SEO rankings: listing your location helps list you higher in search results as well as local rankings.
  • Multiple Locations: If your medical practice happens to have multiple locations in different cities, be sure to explain that. Clarifying the two different locations helps customers become less confused and know what location is the best for them.

Physician Team Directory

If your medical office or healthcare business has multiple doctors and physicians with a variety of specialties and medical credibilities, it’s important to highlight them through a directory. Having descriptive bios for each of your physician’s specialties will help clients build a connection with their doctors as well as learn more about their specialties. In each of these bios you should include:

  • Medical background
  • Specialties
  • Education
  • Headshot
  • Short bio to show what they do in their free time.

These specifics help make your doctors more relatable as well as professional to your current and potential clients.

Patient Resources

Most healthcare and medical offices provide a patient resource area on their website for current clients. Patient resources typically include basic appointment procedures, patient forms, and instructions, and accepted health insurance. When it comes to healthcare information, most patients visit your website in search of information about what insurance plans are accepted by your office. With this in mind, be sure to make it accessible and easy to find for potential clients.

Urgent Care Information

In emergency situations, it’s important to list urgent care information on your website for them to contact the right help at the right time. Especially when your office is closed, and no one is available to help or answer the phones, urgent care or local hospital contact information is the next best option to include on your website.


For your medical website, a HIPAA-compliant website is only required if your website is used to collect, display, store, process, or transmit PHI (protected health information). If your website simply showcases your company, provides contact information, and lists the services you provide, then there are no HIPAA requirements for your website.

Adding a Blog

Some clients might come to your medical website, but might not be ready to visit you in person. In these instances, you can become a place for them to learn from you through informational blog posts. Your blog posts can include information about specific procedures, typical ways to treat simple injuries or answer FAQs (frequently asked questions). Blogging allows your business to provide in-depth information on your services and be an industry expert and leader in your community.

Patient Testimonials

While your website does the best it can to showcase your services and products, patient testimonials are what really do the showcasing. When people are comparing similar businesses in the same industry, client testimonials are typically where they go to help make a decision on which business they should choose. 

Patients’ opinions have great weight in how well your business ranks in directories as well as in your area. If you’re looking at gaining testimonials, you can look into sending them emails or texting them asking if they would be interested in leaving a review. Overall, generate overall positive patient testimonials for more success with future patients.

Doctor Website Design with greatinflux

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