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Is your business getting the recognition it deserves on social media? Strengthen your brand's online presence and forge valuable connections with your audience through social media marketing (SMM).
At GreatInflux Internet Marketing Agency, we offer SMM for small businesses, enterprises, and multi-location companies. Whether you're a startup or a Fortune 500 giant, our SMM experts are here to support your campaign. Collaborate with us and let our SMM agency enhance your brand's visibility and reputation!


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What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing leverages platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to boost brand recognition, grab customer attention, and connect with a wider audience. It's a potent tool for both small businesses and enterprises, meeting your prospects where they hang out online and enhancing brand engagement.

A well-crafted, data-driven social media marketing plan can yield impressive results, turning customers into brand advocates. Importantly, it also enhances your search engine optimization (SEO) and overall digital marketing efforts, opening up new revenue streams for your business.

SMM is a valuable strategy to integrate into your online marketing campaign because it drives qualified visitors to a website which can result in increased leads and sales.

Are Digital and Social Media Marketing Essential for Business?

Absolutely, digital and social media marketing are vital for online success. While their strategies may differ, they share a common goal: boosting brand awareness and revenue.

Social media in digital marketing lets you present your brand to potential customers when they're ready to make a move. More importantly, when you combine digital and social media marketing efforts, you can make the most of every customer interaction and conversion opportunity.

It's not about choosing between digital marketing and social media marketing; it's about blending the right tactics to convey your brand's message. Having both strategies is essential for finding the right customers and boosting your online presence. The key is aligning your social media digital marketing methods with your goals.

What Is Social Media Advertising and Why Is It Important?

Social media advertising, also called social media targeting, involves placing ads on social platforms to enhance your brand and prompt a response from your audience. This response might involve inquiries about your products, making purchases, or visiting your landing page.

Unlike organic social media marketing, social media advertising zeroes in on highly specific audience segments to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Social media advertising strategically places your brand in front of the right customers on the right platforms at the right time. It's a crucial digital marketing method for rapidly reaching new, specific demographics.

Why Choose greatinflux for Your SMM Consulting Services?

20+ Years of Experience

greatinflux has over 20 years of experience in providing online marketing solutions to a variety of businesses. Whether they be big or small, greatinflux has serviced a wide range of industries to help businesses gain a competitive advantage online. We have helped over 40 million clients grow their online presence and revenue.

Dedicated PPC Advertising Consultants

Each business that partners with greatinflux will work with a dedicated rep who knows digital marketing, especially PPC strategies, inside and out. They understand which Bing and Google ad strategies work best for a range of industries. Your success manager will oversee and ensure the success of your PPC campaign.

Grow Brand Awareness

Building your brand awareness allows your business the opportunity to market your products and services to individuals looking for them. With PPC consulting services, greatinflux provides a way to help guide and position your business by growing your brand awareness successfully.

Improve PPC Lead Generation

A variety of digital marketing opportunities can help drive growth through lead generation. PPC advertisements are highly visible and can be one of the best lead generation solutions. greatinflux can help improve PPC lead generation by placing your business ads in relevant search results for your business on Google and Bing, two of the places customers search most.

Keep Customers Engaged

PPC campaigns improve engagement. Our PPC consulting services help guide businesses in creating PPC opportunities to maximize customer engagement to the fullest! Whether it be through monitoring and adjusting keywords and demographics, or making manual changes for the best results.

Increase PPC Conversions

To drive successful ROI and meet your business goals, greatinflux helps businesses scale paid search by increasing PPC conversions. We set customizable conversion goals, demographic adjustments, and scan for real-time optimized keywords to set a successful path for ROI based on any ad spend.

What's Included in greatinflux's PPC Consulting Services?

Our PPC consulting services come equipped with experienced professionals who understand the technical knowledge required to evolve your business's pay-per click campaign. Check out how greatinflux's PPC consulting services process works step-by-step to help visualize your business succeeding with PPC.


1. Speak with a greatinflux PPC Expert

We want to get to know you and your business. We will start by connecting you with a greatinflux PPC specialist to lay out the details of a PPC campaign and what could work for your business. From there we will build a personalized proposal based off of your budget and needs that helps create a successful PPC campaign for you.

PPC Pricing

starting at $500/mo
  • Local

  • National

Package Features

*Features listed will vary month over month based on need and budget.

Designed Ad Campaign

Active Monitoring

Ad Delivery

Managing Ads

Value Scale

Not sure what level of coverage you need for your PPC campaign? Check out the scale to see how far you want your ads to reach!

A small business would likely want to advertise locally. But to build a brand, you might want to advertise on a bigger or national scale.

greatinflux can build a campaign that best fits the needs of your business!

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